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    Our shampoo is created using hypoallergenic Vegan soap base which comprise of Coconut oil, palm and olive kernel oils, botanical extracts, omega 3,6,9 acids and aromatic essential oils in order to balance out the astringency for various skin types. We also make use of black soap extract, some of which contains extract from plantain which produce anti bacterial property that help reduce/remove acne. Due to its gentle way of cleansing, our black soap can also help with skin conditions such as rashes, dryness and rosacea. Our Shampoo and conditioners ultimately help keep your beard moist and fresh all year round. Our shampoo contains very special and selected notes of tea tree, and peppermint that are designed to leave your skin and hair smelling fresh. We advice our customers to wash their beards occasionally with our black soap infused shampoo before they use our products.

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